Consulting Projects

While Dana enjoys working inside a company, he has taken consulting or interim roles when there is mutual alignment.

Consulting projects include venture diligence, turnaround of underperforming teams, divestiture of divisions or assets, marketing revitalization, board participation, and most fun for Dana: revenue generation.

A select list of the companies Dana has worked with on an interim or consultative basis include:

Provided market and technology diligence for this venture investor in 2004-7.

Provided technology and marketing diligence for this venture investor in 1999-2002.

Marketing and sales consulting to this payments fintech to promote product market fit in 2015.

Technology and market consulting in 2016 to this SaaS RFP management tool for SMB.


Dana's public recommendations use phrases like "truly extraordinary", "terrific mentor", "leaves a lasting positive impression", "extremely knowledgeable", and say Dana Love has "a rare ability to lead others by combining visionary thinking and clear, direct, no-nonsense communication."

Dana Love helps companies with revenue creation, marketing strategy, lead generation, leads-to-revenue, and more. Consulting arrangements include long-term projects, retainers for ongoing work, diligence review (or prep!), and part-time fractional CRO services.

Dana has worked primarily with SaaS companies in the edtech, fintech, ecommerce, voip, and database industries. Love's experience is divided between SMB, enterprise, and government. Dana is "not just a sales guy", with technical patents filed under his name in VoIP, blockchain, payment processing, and social media.


Dana Love is an American business executive who is the Chief Executive Officer at blockchain startup Radpay. A native New Englander, Dana currently resides with his wife and son in Tempe, Arizona.

The photos on the website come from the Marblehead and Swampscott, Massachusetts area where Dana grew up and from the Phoenix, Arizona area where Dana now lives.