Dana Love Feel like your sales efforts aren't getting good results? Is your product development stuck in the mud? Not sure how to grow your business? What if I told you....
Dana Love It Takes Big Brass Balls
For nearly a quarter century, I've had the good
fortune to help build advanced technologies
and develop some interesting businesses. My entire
career has been in a period of technology tumult:
the world started changing in 1990, and the way
in which it continues to change is astonishing.

I've been called a change agent, but really I've
seen the opportunity of the moment and I've
worked with some very smart people which let us
take great advantage of that change.
From making use of a global workforce to
delivering solutions to a global market, the
increasingly connected village we call home is
a very different place than it was a few years
ago, let alone a few decades ago.

The way in which we connect has been something I've had the good fortune to help mold. One thing is certain -- you can't have the kind of fun I've had from the sidelines!
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So what interests me lately? My work at the birth of Voice over IP means I continue to be interested in the advancement of enhanced IP services. From unified communications to mobility-powered messaging systems to ad hoc group video conferening, VoIP as a platform is a fascinating thing. I'm increasingly involved in big data, the junction of advanced analytics, data visualization, and database management, both on and off the cloud. As part of my work in big data, I'm highly interested in how it will change the current structure of both business intelligence and data warehousing. And from my 'fluffy' days at GTE Labs (now Verizon) where the other Prinicipal Investigators would call me "The IP Cloud," I have an abiding fascination with cloud computing.

More than just technology, what interests me is trasformation. How we convert technology into a useful product is as fascinating as how we convert a product to a significant revenue stream. Building the right team - competitive, motivated, inspired - is the work that is most rewarding to me. I've led companies, divisions, and functional teams, and every time my success has boiled down to how well I put together the team around me, and how well the teams around mine were built and managed. In the many cases where I've had great success in my life, the success has come through a great team.

So, technologist / sales leader / team builder / business leader with deep experience in VoIP, IP Telephony, messaging, communications, software development, network development, big data, and cloud computing. My biggest flaw? I get fascinated with something and I have to understand it fully. I think that comes from my background in physics!